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Brown Cow Organics Perridge Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4EW, United Kingdom.


Organic free range Goose 4-5kg (CF)


Organic free range Goose 4-5kg (CF)

Organic Goose
2* Great Taste Award winner 2014
Our Organic Goose has plenty of flavour with a dark, rich and close-textured meat; our geese are bred outdoors and free to roam open pastures in a most natural way with access to water and natural forage.

To order place a 1 Your goose will weigh between 4-5kg.

When you order your organic goose you will be charged the price shown below. Upon dispatch of your order, your payment will be adjusted to the actual weight/cost of your goose at at £19.99 kg

A 4kg-5kg Goose feeds approximately 4-5 people

*Goose shelf life minimum 26th December 2017 (refrigerate on day of receipt)

Priced per kg 19.99kg/(9.09lb)

Price: 99.95